Dear editor:

Two things 1. an observation, 2, an opinion.

1. Photo IDs: There are apparently millions of people who cannot afford or for some other reason, cannot obtain a photo ID which would allow them to register to vote. The rest of us are indeed privileged to have such a photo ID. Because, all of these individuals are being denied other opportunities that the rest of us (who have a photo ID) enjoy, and I guess we take for granted. For instance, they can’t get a bank account, they can’t buy whiskey, beer, cigarettes, or even cold medicine. They can’t get on an airplane, get a job, drive a car, or even a motor scooter. They can’t buy a gun, can’t join the military, get married, check into a hotel, rent a car (or a motor scooter), or get a credit card. They can’t leave the country (legally). And forget about buying a house. Heck, they can’t even apply for food stamps. I honestly don’t know where these folks live, or how they manage to survive. Must really be tough.

2. I absolutely believe that black lives matter. Seriously, I do. And I agree that black people as well as other races of people have been discriminated against, and continue to be in some places. And they have a right to protest. My father fought to defend their right to protest in just about any way they choose, so I will be the last to deny them a platform. He didn’t come back from that fight, he was missing in action in 1945 and momma waited for him to come home till the day she died. My father’s life mattered. Momma’s life mattered. And the thousands of others who made the ultimate sacrifice, Their lives mattered too. Don’t these BLM folks understand that showing disrespect for the flag and national anthem of this wonderful country is not helping their cause? They are telling the people who died to give them this right, their lives really didn’t matter that much. They need to rethink their platform. It ain’t working. Just driving people further apart (my opinion).

Larry Reed

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