Dear editor:

It is interesting that she chose to scold you from way up in Bartlesville, but I couldn’t let Janice Maczko’s letter of 10 August go unanswered; please let me come to your defense.

While she is dismayed at your “Christian bias and support of all things Republican,” some of us see your paper as breath of fresh air in an ocean of left-spinning, progressive publications.

Each morning, regrettably, I glance over the shrinking rag that the Houston Chronicle has become only because I need to stay up on certain things. Unfortunately, I also get a face full of liberal commentary, for which I do not ask.

What I enjoy, though, is getting The Rockport Pilot in the mail from Marie every few days and getting a good dose of small-town happenings in a community that still, thankfully, somewhat resembles a Norman Rockwell painting.

I can see why Ms. Maczko might rant about horrible Donald Trump’s “ignorant … fans.”

Those of us who voted for him also see the flawed narcissist, whose cringe-worthy comments often make us wish he’d keep his mouth shut. Unfortunately, that’s part of the package.

However, the rest of the package gives us hope of being strong again and an economic power to be reckoned with; not a country of self-loathing wimps, mired in self-destructive regulatory overreach the prior administration would have us be.

Trump plays to win and is not going to wear a “Kick Me” sign on his back.

And while Ms. Maczko won’t appreciate this, the Christian following in your readership (to which she alludes, derisively) may: think about how God has used flawed, unlikely characters throughout history to execute His purposes here on this earth. The heathen King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon comes to mind; God referred to him as “My servant.”

So while he has a lot of embarrassing baggage, for which he will have to answer someday, I’ll vote for Trump again; he won’t come after me if I choose to “cling to guns or religion” and he’ll advance our cause, unapologetically, more than anyone else who seems to be lined up for the job.

And, since she canceled her subscription to The Pilot years ago, maybe Ms. Maczko would be happier if she spent less time scolding us and more time reading publications that are probably more to her liking - the Houston Chronicle, New York Times or maybe the Washington Post.

Thankfully, for the time being, we still live in the land of the free and can each choose different courses.

Keep up the good work and thanks for standing up and being an exception to the norm.

Sincerely yours,

Ben Jones

Dear editor:

I am not really sure who I should send this to, but wanted it to get to someone who could relay our gratitude to your community, and emergency personnel.

My family visited Rockport this past weekend for one last trip with our children before school starts.  We are from Salado, which is about four hours from Rockport. We drove in Thursday evening and enjoyed a wonderful weekend of Rockport beach, fishing and swimming.

On Sunday when we were packed up to head home, we had an accident after pulling out of Tackle Town.  My husband’s truck was hit and was rolled. All three of our children were in the vehicle with us.  Immediately after the accident there were numerous individuals trying (and succeeding) to get us out of the vehicle.  Once we were all out, there were others helping to keep my children as calm as possible, getting us water and just being concerned.

Law enforcement and emergency personnel arrived and were amazing with my family.  We are very lucky that there were no injuries in either vehicle and we all walked away with a few bruises and nothing more.

The more I think back to Sunday morning, the more things I remember about the individuals who were not concerned about their safety, but only helping us and I am so very grateful for your community and their response.

I wished I knew them all by name so I could personally thank each and every one of them. From the nurse who stopped to help until law enforcement and EMS got there, to the fireman who gave my two young children teddy bears to hold.  I just want you to know what an awesome group of people you have in your community and we cant wait to come back to visit.

Thank you and God bless you and your town!


Lisa Quicksall

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