Dear editor:

We would be foolish to let the opportunities provided by these three propositions to slip by us at a time when the cost of money is at historical lows. To borrow money to pay current maintenance and operations is folly and a prescription for long term financial ruin. But, to borrow money to invest in infrastructure benefiting future generations is wise, as the cost is not burdened on just current taxpayers.

We are going to have to do all the projects provided by these propositions whether we borrow money or not. And, without borrowed funds, only the current taxpayers will pay the cost. A burden we will find quite difficult to swallow.

The courthouse in every Texas county seat represents the pride the residents hold in their community. We have now a storm-driven, unique opportunity to present our best face to residents and the many wonderful visitors who are so critical to our financial wellbeing. Having our courthouse in leased space in a nondescript strip center is not the image we want to present to the world.

Public infrastructure as provided in Prop B can never be left to follow behind development. Improving transportation corridors and drainage structures after development has occurred are many times more expensive and much more intrusive in the lives of our citizens. That is how the people of Austin have had to buy out whole neighborhoods to ameliorate flooding. And, why there are streets in Corpus Christi that put your fillings in jeopardy.

I doubt there is a person in our county that has not wished for a medical facility where we might be treated without a long ambulance ride to Corpus Christi. Especially when time is of the essence.

Please vote yes for all three propositions on the Aransas County ballot. These issues are critically important for generations of Aransas County residents to come.

Todd Pearson

Former Mayor of Rockport

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