Dear editor:

With social distancing in place, why is there no requirement for ‘everyone’ to where a mask indoors at a businesses? We have been informed that is one of the best ways not to spread the virus. For example, at our local grocery store, I would say at least a third of consumers do not have a mask and touch/handle and breath directly on products and then place them back on the shelf.

This virus doesn’t need any additional help to spread. I wear the mask for protection and keep from spreading any potential harmful germs.

Stay safe everyone.

Kevin Kriss

Dear editor:

Enough is enough.  It is time that our three little dictators open the cities/county back up.  When these individuals first responded out of fear that the people from the cities would come in and kill everyone with the virus, I wrote them that I thought they were being stupid and they proved me right.  If they had followed The Governor and the President’s recommendations it would have made sense but no, they had to take it further.  None of this was done with reason, common sense or science but strictly by fear. There has not been one reported case of contacting the virus while fishing on a body of water. Not one case has been reported from walking in the park.

These three individuals made sure they did not upset anyone living on a canal or in Key Allegro where they have their own private boat docks. The Country Club members were still free to play golf but the average citizen could not walk around Memorial Park, but was regulated to the same small area of the Tule (hike and bike) trail.

It has been proven that sunshine kills the virus.  Surprise!  I was taught that 50 years ago in Nursing School at Mary Hardin- Baylor.

If these three individuals had used a little common sense they could have placed road blocks and turned away visitors from out of county and done this without the punishment of the local population.

Billy Harris

Dear editor:

Boat ramp!!! Wondering if the mayor’s in Aransas County have even looked at the Copano bridge ramp and Fulton beach road. Out of town people are still coming. If it’s truly about keeping people out of our county maybe it would be better to post a patrol car at the bridge checking addresses on DLs and turn them around. Just saying.

I’m calling BS on the reason for ramp closures.

Will we get a reduction in city taxes or less charge for our boat registration or boat trailer tags? I assume our city tax money goes to maintain these facilities - parks, etc.? I think it would be better if people were on a boat rather than shoulder to shoulder along the banks of the bay. Thanks for letting me vent this frustration. God bless.

Open the boat ramp!!

John Bridges

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