Dear editor:

First let me say thank you for the information of what has been taking place in our community in regards with the Rockport Police Department / Aransas County District Attorney office.  It wasn’t clear in the community, to what the status was between the two departments, but I have to say you laid it out very clear. I encourage you to keep the citizens of Rockport informed of any changes. All Rockport citizens should be concerned with the action or non-action of the DA office. Your article left me with a whole lot more questions than answers, for example:

1.) If she not trying cases, who is?

2.) What happens to the people who are charged with a crime in our community? Are they let free or do they just sit in jail?

3.) Being this issue has been going on for the last 18 months and looks like it could go on a lot longer, who can resolve it once and for all?

4.) Doesn’t the county receive monies from the State/Federal Government for trying these cases? And, if so, how much money is this community losing or what is it costing Rockport?

5.) If the DA hasn’t tried cases, then what has she been getting paid for doing? I’m sure she has a staff that is also being paid and what are they doing, as well?

6.) Who is over the DA’s office that can resolve this matter if it continues to drag on while the citizens of Rockport suffer with this unresolved problem?

These are just a few questions and the citizens of Rockport should be asking many more.  I don’t usually get involved, but I’m extremely concerned for our community’s safety. Somebody is going to have to be the adult in the room.

Jim Guidry

P.S. - Please keep the pressure on the DA, and keep the community informed with any progress in this matter.

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