Dear editor:

My subject is about heroes.  We have always had heroes amongst us. Police, firemen, nurses, doctors to name a few. These people are the obvious heroes.  What with COVID, we have realized that there are many more. People that help people without thinking of their own wellbeing.  I would like to add to that list - Aransas Propane.

We all suffered the loss of power last week. Many of us, Winter Texans and so many others, depend upon propane for heat.  Gregg and Krissie Radley, owners of Aransas Propane, supplied propane for thousands of propane users. They opened when people arrived sometimes (6:30 a.m.) and closed when the last person left (sometimes (11 p.m.).

No one got turned away or left behind.  Thank you Gregg and Kristie for your selfless giving.

John Crescibene

Winter Texan

Dear editor:

GRIDDY, ERCOT and the Texas PUC

GRIDDY charges its customers based on the wholesale price of electricity under a plan approved by the Texas PUC. The wholesale price is set by ERCOT. During Winter Storm Uri that price increased exponentially and the class action suit has subsequently been filed against GRIDDY.

ERCOT is overseen by the Texas PUC and is controlled by a five-member board, with one seat being vacant, but with a prospective nominee. All five of them reportedly live outside of Texas.

The Texas PUC is under the office of the Attorney General Ken Paxton, who was reportedly in Utah during Winter Storm Uri. Prior to Paxton, current Governor Greg Abbott was attorney general from 2003 into 2015.

Gov. Abbott wants the Legislature to consider emergency legislation regarding ERCOT. It seems to me he is trying to close the barn door after allowing all the laughing stock to escape.

Stay healthy,

Edmond E. Bates Jr.

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