Dear editor,

I truly enjoy what a community and local paper can bring to unite a community, and I enjoy your editorials about your grandchildren, or where you were on 9/11, or your feelings on Hurricane Harvey and the PTSD we all suffer when a storm is in the Gulf. I laughed when I read you mentioned your wife wearing the same clothes after travel delays, and could imagine the look she must have given you. I agree with Mr. Williams when he started his editorial thanking you for your reporting in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. That is community reporting in its highest form.

When I want to know news of national import, however, I turn to other sources. I don’t want to open the local paper and see someone purposefully misspelling VP Kamala Harris’ name, or making fun of Joe Biden, or talking about the insurrection as if it is something to be proud of. Former President Trump is a former President because he was divisive and mean and cruel spirited. It seems to be the new way of the Republican Party, and plenty of moderate Republicans don’t like it either. As Americans, we can be better than that.

We can all agree how divided our nation is. Your editorials are only furthering the divide, not adding to the more difficult task of bringing people together. Your opinions are just that, your opinions. You know they are inflammatory, but you act like upsetting people is “owning the libs” and therefore something to be proud of. It is shameful to think that way. It is not loving your neighbor.

Let the community paper be about community issues, or at its most expansive, state issues.

When I read your editorials, I feel like I live in a Fox News sponsored community. It makes me want to move as fast as I can.

Kudos to Mr. Williams and Mr. and Mrs. Myers for speaking up.

Think about the entirety of the community, and try to heal the divide. The same national divisions seem plenty afoot in local politics. You can be a real healer for you community. Step up.

Lillian Anfosso

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