Dear editor:

My family has been in Aransas County for six generations and my roots run very deep. I am, however, witnessing not-so-subtle changes in the social fabric of our community. We have relatively new residents in our midst who are sowing distrust of our local elected officials. In some cases, this distrust is being fed by outright misinformation on their part.

The elected officials in all of our taxing entities are being characterized as untrustworthy and non-transparent in their actions. I have been involved in both city and county government for many years and have considered it an honor and privilege to serve the residents of Aransas County. I do not know of any local elected official who does not have the best interest of our community at heart.

Over the past four years, we have endured Hurricane Harvey, a natural disaster, and now COVID-19, a human and economic disaster. As a community, we are coping well and making progress rebuilding our necessary infrastructure. However, we need your vote and support on the bond propositions to fully utilize the disaster grant funding made available to us.

The long-term viability of our community is at stake, and the funding plan we have put forward will not adversely impact the county tax rate. Historically low interest rates, refinancing of current outstanding debt at these rates, and wise use of surplus debt service reserves will make this outcome possible.

Please vote “yes” on all three bond propositions so that we may move forward on re-assuring the residents of the dedication we have to this community and to making Aransas County, Rockport/Fulton whole again.

Burt Mills

Aransas County Judge

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