Dear editor:

As I write this letter, a seditious crowd of Trump supporters attempting to stop the certification of President-elect Joe Biden is storming the Capitol of the U.S.

Your editorial stated, “I hate to see what will happen to our country if Democrats have the House, Senate, and the Presidency”.

Well, only time will tell how that outcome will evolve.  But we do see what has happened to our country during the last four years due to a total lack of leadership from President Trump. Millions struck ill from a mishandled response to the pandemic, hundreds of thousands of American deaths, millions of jobs lost, daily doses of lies and delusional behaviors, and, an attempt by the President and his surrogates to overturn the Constitution of the United States, and the judicial system by calling the election, without any proof, rigged and stolen.

Yes, we have lost our moral compass these last four years, and I pray we find it again, together as Americans.


Matthew Savins

Dear editor:

Wow! Lindsey Graham is blaming Trump for the riots? How sad it is that people like Graham can’t separate sin from sinner! Pray for our country. It’s awful weird that when the left riots, it’s labeled as patriotic and justified. But Republicans protesting is labeled as terrorism.

Can you say double standard?

I’m sick of the one sided media.

John Bridges

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