Dear editor:

Dear Mr. Mayor and Mr. Greg Abbott. I believe I understand the problem of abortion, but I would like to present several new perspectives, which until they are acknowledged will not solve the problem.

The conceived child in question carries the DNA of both the mother and father. The mother is often young and not equipped to carry either the financial or emotional burden of raising a child. She is often under pressure from her mate to “get rid of it, or I’m gone.”

The excuse is often “it is my body” and she is right, but she by her pregnancy has temporarily leased it to a short-term tenant. The relationship may last or not regardless of the pregnancy.

If they insist on terminating the pregnancy by consent, the male should be sterilized. He gets what he wants, no baby, but he should forfeit the right to kill any of his future children.

It would be a heartless mother who would kill her nine-month old child - indeed they would both be facing jail. If the father wants the child and the mother not, then upon the live birth he should have full custody.

I do not know the cost of raising a child to the age of 18, but just as a driver’s license will not be renewed for parents in arrears of child support, this measure should also be enforced.

No one would go out in winter without boots or shoes. It costs $2 for a prophylactic. This is a problem of irresponsibility, leaving the taxpayer to carry the cost of housing, support, and education.

Daddy, man up.

Linda Castor

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