Dear editor:

I like your column this week. Agree with you on all counts.

But in case you haven’t figured it out yet (I suspect you may have, but reluctant to put it in print), all of the talk about “Defund the Police” is actually a critical step in creating a national police force, which will eventually gain control of (if not take the place of) local law enforcement across the country.

There are bills in Congress right now, which would increase federal regulation and control of local police departments (See Ilhan Omar, Squad, etc.). They want to control every part of our lives and will not stop until they reach that goal.

I see in the news that large numbers of policemen in big city and county districts are retiring early, and some are actually leaving before they are vested in the pension plan because of the disrespect and demeaning they get from left wing groups and the media for risking their lives doing a tough job that should command respect and appreciation.

Without dedicated, well-equipped, and well-trained police officers, it won’t take long for the crime to reach an unmanageable level in these places, then the idea of federal control will be made to look like the only option. They already have the organization in place via the Homeland Security department created by President George Bush after 911. A noble effort, but all they have to do is assign it more power and increase funding with our tax dollars and it can become a national police force. (The “National Security Service” was an organization, which was formed with noble objectives. With a little bit more funding and a few changes in direction, it eventually became the Gestapo - SS).

Watch for it.

Larry Reed

Dear editor:

This letter replies to your column, “Minority bullies need to be faced head on,” in the April 28 edition of The Rockport Pilot.

A newspaper should report news and stories of interest without bias or prejudice. These articles should be based on known facts or otherwise supported by evidence. And while a newspaper’s editor and publisher can hide behind the First Amendment in publishing an editorial/opinion, great care must be taken not to continue spreading the “big lies” that have permeated this country.

Your belief that former President Trump was the victim of a bully attack by news sources is ridiculous. He invited the negative news coverage by saying things and taking actions that were beneath the office of the President. The fact that he is the only President to have been impeached twice by the U.S. House of Representatives, and was voted out of office by the American people, is strong evidence of his incompetence to hold the office.

Your belief that “[s]ystemic racism does not exist in this country anymore” is also ludicrous. Your statement acknowledges that systemic racism is part of this country’s contentious history and continues to exist to anyone who simply opens their eyes and ears. It was not too long ago that The Pilot published an article and photo of the Ku Klux Klan having a recruiting rally in the parking lot of the Aransas County Courthouse. There are also reported stories of local Vietnamese fishermen being targeted for simply trying to earn a living. Of more recent origin, there does not appear to be much diversity in the seats of local government, nor is diversity invited in our small coastal community.

It will be a good thing when law enforcement agencies operate without concern for the color of one’s skin. Your anecdotal assertion that more unarmed white Americans were fatally shot by law enforcement officers than unarmed black Americans fails to state the reasons; perhaps the white Americans were an actual threat to the officers or others, while the black Americans were killed simply because they were black. The recent felony conviction of Derek Chauvin is a good example of policing gone wrong.

Our country is only as divided as one sees it. There are communities where people of different races, ethnicities, and heritages get along beautifully; and there are communities that invite a particular race and discourage the admission of others. And while we are all Americans, not all of us enjoy the privileges enjoyed by others. The Trump administration divided this country as evidenced by the January 6, 2021, siege on the U.S. Capitol. The current Biden administration must first reverse this division before truly unifying the country.

A newspaper editor/publisher is in a position to influence the actions of readers, and must, therefore, ensure the truthfulness and veracity of the printed word. As has been said, “The pen is mightier than the sword.”

Pamela Meyer

Democratic Chair

Dear editor:

I may not have seen what you may have written about this earlier since I’ve only been here for less than two weeks, but I wonder how you would place the “---- Biden” flags I’ve seen in Fulton and Lamar on the spectrum of bullying. Could you tell me?

I am also nearly 70 and I have never seen a bully to compare with Trump.

Thank you.

Paul Stone

(Editor’s note: I don’t like those flags, but an individual has the freedom to fly one in this country.)

Dear editor:

Mike you ought to run that editorial every week and send it to the WSJ.  I suspect they will publish it as a guest editorial.


George Eckhardt

Dear editor:

Greetings Mr. Probst. I am a winter Texas resident living in Indiana that has enjoyed being a subscriber to your paper for a few years now. I would like to commend you for your editorial in today’s edition as it reflects my sentiments exactly!

It is just a sad fact that most of the news media is pushing all this racial and liberal bull and so many of our citizens believe all their garbage.

I am behind our police being able to do their job without being harassed and threated all the time. It would be real interesting to have published a percentage of all serious felony crimes committed by different races and resisting legal law enforcement. The whole key to avoiding these confrontations is simply to obey law enforcement!

Many in today’s society just have never being taught the meaning of respect for anything or anyone!

Thanks again for saying what should be said.

Carl Lechlitner

Dear editor:

Mike, Thank you for the great and right on article. I look forward to reading more articles that speak the truth. I am a winter Texan and veteran. I am sickened by the free everything for the illegals and this country (government) can’t take care of the homeless veterans. I could go on and on about the treasonous acts being committed by this administration. Again thank you.

Steve Mann

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