Dear editor:

Read your column today. You always have good references, quotes and comments, but you failed to convince me that Republicans want to prevent anyone from voting. My interpretation of reasons for requiring voter ID is to make sure those who vote have a right to vote. I don’t believe the Democrats are interested in voting integrity. Wanting to mail out ballots to everyone opens the door to easy cheating. Anyone can fill out a ballot without proving citizenship. The fix may be to have penalties so great that illegals won’t take a chance of being caught.

I see Biden and company want to outspend the Republicans.  Another $3.5 trillion added to the $28+ trillion wipes out the entire GDP for years.  Mr. Marx would be happy to see the rules to destroy a country are being followed. That’s probably why gold and silver are soaring.  Silver was over 26 and gold 1,800 yesterday.  Inflation is up over 5.4%.  Can’t protect funds on hand at that rate. I am having some construction done ahead of plans in order to be committed before cost is out of reach. The builder I met with today says everything is way up.  Cement is nearly $150 a yard!  We built a house in the country about 18 months ago and the cement was about $130.

J.F. Van Gilder

PS:  Everyone has ID.  Just don’t want to use it.

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