Dear editor:

During Thanksgiving week, my 20-year-old granddaughter saw the electronic sign near Compass Rose Park and thought the message was inappropriate. Instead of just complaining on social media and amongst our family, she contacted the City of Rockport and shared her thoughts and concerns.

The city manager’s assistant told her she was the second complaint they had that day. She suggested that maybe Rachel could provide some slogans to stress the importance of wearing a mask. Rachel and I had fun coming up with phrases that highlighted the message, rhymed, and had a more positive slant.

She sent about 10 to the city manager’s assistant and received emails back from her and the city manager. They both said, “Wonderful … we will certainly use them.”

I was a proud grandma when I saw the sign (that read) “Santa will ask if you’ve been wearing your mask.” 

I hope to see some of her other phrases over the next few months. 

A friend told me she had seen “Do you suppose Rudolph covers his nose?” last week. I missed that one and think the city employees are very busy changing the slogans.

It is easy to see something and complain.  It takes more effort to help provide solutions. Thanks to the City of Rockport for being open to suggestions and thanks to Rachel for spending some time with her grandmother and being a part of the solution.

Mary Clare Kane

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