Dear editor:

(To all the powers that be in Rockport/Aransas County)

Why are we closing our boat ramps to our local fishermen? We are blessed with some very nice big launches in the Rockport area and this time of the year on the weekends they are mostly full. Now they are all closed and us local fishermen are headed to the launches that are not closed.

I don’t know how many launches we have, but if we have four launches in Rockport all closed, most of us are headed to Aransas Pass to their one launch.

I understand you want to limit the out of town people that come here with the coronavirus going around, but there has to be a way to get our launches open. If we have to issue launching permits to local residents to have in there windshield that would work. You don’t have a permit, give them a warning or a $500 fine.

I try to fish every weekend all year round in Rockport and I fish by myself most of the time. I don’t think that I am, or could be, hurting anyone. And I hear that the golf course is open. If this is true how can you justify playing golf and forbidding fishing? Maybe the people deciding what’s open or closed are golfers?

John Matthews

Dear editor:

I thought it was an appropriate response to the COVID-19 virus when the Stay at Home order was amended to include closing the boat ramp facilities in the. Ramp closure and not allowing new guests in hotels, motels, and summer rentals would keep people from high virus impact cities like San Antonio and Houston from potentially bringing the virus here.

I read Aransas County Navigation District (ACND) Commissioner Tommy Moore’s plea to reconsider re-opening the boat ramps, and his concern about compacting the people at the three remaining open boat ramps. On Wednesday I went to Con Brown Harbor too see exactly how many boaters were at the ramp. It looked like a Saturday in July! Trailers jammed the parking lot and the four ramps were packed with boats waiting to launch as well as come ashore. Mid-morning during the middle of the week and more boats were arriving as I left the area!

The Dry-stack boat barns at Cove Harbor and Con Brown were also open. This potentially allows the hundreds of mostly out of town folks to access the bay. On Wednesday there were only a couple of boats waiting to load.

The boat ramps in San Patricio County, on ACND property, and the Dry-stacks should be closed.  There is no “social distancing” at Con Brown or Hampton’s Landing.

If they remain open I believe Commissioner Tommy Moore has a valid point about opening the ramps back up. A crowded boat ramp is not a place to be during a pandemic when folks are trying to be socially responsible.

I want to get out on the water as bad as anyone, but only if it safe to do so.

Fred Keeler

Dear editor:

E_S_letter to editor

Dear Editor,

Amidst our present crisis we have some bright spots. One is the good will and willingness to help, the We Are All In This Together spirit, of many in our community. Where I live we have two streets of mainly retired people (old and much older). Judy Bell is organizing a group of volunteers here to help those who need it for groceries and prescriptions. I haven’t needed this but had a truly touching experience with my gym. I had been going to Platinum Fitness for six months. The owners, Candy and Chris Curtis, have been very welcoming and helpful. When I decided it was time to stay at home I missed working out sorely. At my age every week counts. I called Candy and told her how very much I missed the bike and machines I’d been using. Candy’s reply was, “I’ll bring the bike it to you.” She and her son Dylan delivered a brand new bike to my door yesterday that she and Chris assembled at home. The only way I know how to repay this is by sharing these stories helping others however I can.

Nina Shannon

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