This week I’ll address the long-running situation between the Aransas County District Attorney’s (ACDA) office and the Rockport Police Department (RPD), Economic Development, and temper tantrums.

Ironically, all three are tied together one way or the other.

I appreciate all the emails, texts, and messages regarding last week’s column regarding the continuing fiasco that is the relationship between the ACDA’s office and the RPD.

In the 34-plus years I’ve had the privilege of serving you, I’ve never written a column where the response was 100 percent positive. For the record, I’m not naïve enough to think there was no negative reaction.

However, if this situation is to be resolved, if you are truly concerned about this situation, speak up, don’t just tell me you appreciated my column and that it needed to be said. Call your county commissioner, and if you live in the City of Rockport, call you council member and tell them you’re tired of the shenanigans and playing with people’s lives.

That is the only way to get this issue off center.

Economic Development Corporation

In regard to the formation of an Economic Development Corporation, I hope everyone has taken a chance to participate in one of several public meetings regarding the formation of such an organization.

I don’t see how we lose if we try it again.

I do see how we lose if we never try.

Right now we are hurting. Of course, some Aransas County residents are doing just fine, before and after Harvey. A percentage of those people like Rockport-Fulton exactly the way it is and don’t want to see anything change.

There is nothing wrong with that thought process, but if it boils down to “I got mine, to hell with you,” it’s not a good thing.

We took a big hit after Harvey, losing anywhere between 5,000 and 7,000 residents.

What we are all experiencing, directly or indirectly, is something we didn’t experience before the storm.

I describe our current situation as if we are a big snake that just swallowed a coyote. It takes time to pass, there’s really nothing we can do to speed up the process, but eventually it will pass.

We are about to experience a large influx of money that was not available prior to Harvey.

The Downtown Anchor Project (new Aransas County courthouse/Rockport City Hall), a new Rockport Center for the Arts in downtown Rockport, a new marina in Rockport Harbor (south), new/refurbished Rockport Beach pavilions, a new Paws & Taws, and a new Fulton Pier are just some of the things that wouldn’t have happened for many years without Harvey.

Some local businesses and even the private Rockport Country Club have been resurrected with better floor plans, services, etc.

Our future is either in our hands, or it’s not.

An EDC can help guide what our future looks like, but the majority of folks, especially the government entities, have to be behind it.

If it gets into turf battles, etc. all we do is suffer self-inflicted wounds, much like the ACDA/RPD fiasco.

I encourage everyone to back the formation of an EDC, or at least not actively fight against its formation without being fully informed.

Let’s take this opportunity to provide an even better future for our county and all residents.

Today, just like the days and weeks after Harvey, we can’t move forward if we live our lives with the “I’m fine, take care of yourself” attitude.

There will never be a big smokestack industry in Aransas County, but we should do everything we can, when possible, to lessen the tax burden on individual property owners, and create more private sector, versus government jobs.

If Hurricane Harvey taught us anything, it’s that leveraging assets is a great thing.

An EDC, in the long run, can help us with continued leveraging of our assets long after the Harvey money has left town.

Temper tantrums

Last week the Corpus Christi Caller-Times had a story under the headline “The meltdown – Seven tips for parents on how to tame your toddler’s tantrums.”

I’m not about to retell what it said, but the seven “broad” tips are:

• Adults, stay calm

• Provide language to express emotions

• Validate their feelings, offer a choice

• Introduce mindfulness activities

• Set expectations and follow through

• Try to sooth

• Reframe your perspective.

My wife and I taught a 17-week parenting class, twice a year, for about five years way back in the 90s called Growing Kids God’s Way.

In today’s world, most people scoff at such absurdity, which is sad.

That being said, this is what we learned, and then taught, in the class … and it didn’t involve a whole list of politically correct psychobabble.

Adults stay calm? Duh!

Provide language to express emotions? It’s right in front of every parent’s eyes.

Validate their feelings, offer a choice? Forget the dang feelings of an out of control child, but give them a choice (see more below).

Introduce mindfulness activities? After reading what was under this subhead, I asked myself, “What the heck does this mean, and why even consider doing this?”

Set expectations and follow through? Absolutely, and see more below.

Try to sooth? Let the child sooth him or her on his or her own (see more below).

Reframe your perspective? Why, I’m the adult.

Okay, here’s the simple solution to temper tantrums. When they started with our daughters, they stopped after one or two applications of the following medicine.

The solution is so simple, it’s almost funny to think about the millions of dollars spent by parents on books, etc. to address this issue.

Here’s the simple solution.

Tell your child a temper tantrum is an unacceptable form of communication in the (your family’s name) house.

Put child in his or her bed (with nothing else) and tell them throwing a temper tantrum is an unacceptable form of communication and they can get out of bed when they calm down and talk normally.

Let the kid go nuts, but don’t let them off their bed until they calm down.

Before you get mad at me for giving parenting advice … try it!

Heck, I never tried it, but it might work with adults, as well!

Until next week, have a good week.

Mike Probst can be reached at

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