Dear editor:

I am a homeowner on Fulton Beach Road and attended a public meeting Wednesday, July 15 about a proposed project to prevent erosion of Fulton Beach Road.  This project would involve a breakwater (rock wall) constructed 20 feet off the shoreline protruding 2-4 feet out of the water depending on tide levels.

Between 75 and 80 people attended the meeting and all seemed against this project, with many speaking out. Most of the dialogue was from the Corpus Christi Engineering Company hired to develop and implement the plan.

Residents pointed out the Fulton Beach Road view is a Texas jewel and a big part of the charm and uniqueness to the Fulton/ Rockport area.  This proposal would create a rock wall eyesore and a marshy area between the road and the wall, which would become a muddy area to collect trash.

Two teenagers spoke up and said they loved to fish from the shoreline. It would become unfeasible to fish from the shore. You could not cast over the wall and then reel in your line over the wall.  Anyone living on the beach road is aware of the enjoyment experienced by hundreds of people driving down the road in cars, as well as by joggers, bikers, and walkers.

The project will cost $3.1 million with 75% coming from a FEMA grant and Aransas County paying 25% of the 25% match (the state is paying 75% of the 25% match). This money would only allow for the wall to be constructed and raise the road elevation one foot on S. Fulton Beach Road and a portion of N. Fulton Beach Road. It would roughly extend from near Bellino’s restaurant, past downtown Fulton and ending in the Sandollar Resort area.

Phase 2 would complete the remainder of N. Fulton Beach Road to the Kontiki Resort area, although there would probably be such an uproar that Phase 2 would be scrapped, not to mention the difficulty of finding another grant.

A much better solution would be to reinforce the beach road where needed and add drainage modifications, clean up the rip rap (concrete and debris) along the road, raise the road bed one foot, adding sidewalks where feasible and complete the entire project in one phase instead of two phases at a much lower cost. It could be expected to get another 50 years out of the road and not destroy the aesthetics of this wonderful community.

There was permitting done in 2012, but the project was scrubbed. The current plan has made significant changes from the original permitting and new permitting with public input should be approved by the Corps of Engineers before this project can be started.

If you want to keep Rockport beautiful, please let it be known that you would like to oppose this project as presented.

Contact the Corps of Engineers with your wishes. Please call Mark Pattillo, (361) 814-5847 Ext. 1004, or email The Corps of Engineers at

Ask the Corps of Engineers not to process an Administrative Amendment to amend the 2012 permit to the current Breakwater proposal.  Instead we are requesting the Corps to process a new permit under public notice, which would require written notice to all adjacent landowners.

Also please send your name and email address to and you will be kept informed.


David Kaspar

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