Student's Rockport illustration

The illustration created by Bay Lopez for her school assignment.

(Editor’s note: I received the following via a forwarded email and want to share with you what the Rockport-Fulton area means to at least one fourth grade girl from Helotes, TX. Sandy Jumper at the Chamber forwarded it to me thinking I might want to use it. Plus, regardless of how old fashioned it may seem to some folks, getting your picture or your name in the paper - for good things - is still way cool!)

Belinda Lopez from Helotes wrote:

“Good afternoon. My daughter is 10 years old and she was given an assignment at school to write and illustrate about her special place. She chose Rockport and I wanted to share what she wrote.  We live in Helotes, TX and whenever we have free time we head on out to good ol’ Rockport.  I hope you enjoy!”

The following is Bay Lopez’s assignment, with no edits, accompanied by her illustration.


My special place is Rockport because of all the memories, especially the crazy ones! Like the time when I was walking around the edge of my dad’s boat. I was minding my own business like I always do. Then suddenly, a wave came by and rattled the whole boat. I fell off and I stood up right away. I tried to pull myself up out I couldn’t because my feet started to hurt like an aching pain. My dad and his friend, “TJ” helped me back onto the boat. When I got out, I started walking to the black and white seat near the back of the boat, which was the nearest seat to me. I sat down and I look at the side of me and there were bloody footprints! The bloody footprints were in the same spot I had just walked from. It was like a horror movie which I was the star of. I look down at my feet and there are cuts all over them. I looked over the water and I see oysters. I realized I cut my feet on an oyster reef. My parents came right away to help me. That is just one of the many crazy things that happened to me and my family at Rockport. No matter good or bad, my family is always there to support me and that’s what makes Rockport so special.

I go to Rockport every summer and anytime I’m off of school and it’s usually very hot! We also go for my mom’s birthday, holidays and many more. I have so many memories there but sadly Hurricane Harvey hit it, which was devastating. However, it’s doing really good and the rebuilding makes the city look brand new and even better than before. Usually when we go there, we go the beach and it’s so beautiful. The sand is peach and grainy. The ocean water is not too clean but you know it’s a beach. I build sand castles and go swimming. Once when I went jellyfish hunting, I caught one! It was see through and just swimming and bouncing in my big blue bucket which made the jellyfish look very tiny. I let it go after a while. Then lucky us! Afterwards, we found three baby hermit crabs. The first one was dark brown with light brown spots. The other two were just dark brown. All three hermit crabs could fit in the palm of my hand with still a lot of room and very light weight. I’d say they were as light as a feather and there were so cute. I wanted to keep them but I knew I couldn’t since they needed to live in the ocean. So, I put them back into the ocean where they belong. Later on, I still couldn’t stop thinking about them so me and my cousin, “Lexy” went to a store that sold fresh water hermit crabs. At this store there was an eighty-year-old hermit crab and it was huge! The store is called, “Seashell Shoppe” and they carry more than just hermit crabs. They sell seashells, jewelry, toys, souvenirs and more. We looked inside the store and we found a cage with millions of hermit crabs. It was a hard choice but we finally picked two. One was for me and the other was for my cousin, “Lexy”. I named my hermit crab, “Poppy” and the shell had a rainbow with a weird shaped shell and fit in the palm of my hand with still a lot of room to grow. It reminded me of the three babies I found in the ocean but a little bit bigger. The hermit crab I picked was also an active one. Lexy named her hermit crab, “Coopa” and it had a white shell with a brown stripe gong through it but it was bigger and lazy and shy. Coopa did not want to come out of his shell much. We played with them for a long time and it tickled when they waked on our hands and back up to our arms. That was a very fun time followed by many others. I love Rockport and the memories there. It is truly my special place and I hope we return very soon.

Bay Lopez

4th Grade

Thanks Bay … you made my column easy this week!

Until next week, have a good week.

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