Dear editor:

I wanted to share this story about a remarkable woman living in City by the Sea, Rockport/Aransas Pass for 35 years. She is Mary Frances Timmons, O’Moran, Brown. I am her son-in-law of 53 years.

Mary Frances was born on Nov. 8, 1919, in her family’s dirt floor dugout on their homesteaded farm in Guymon, OK. The farm is now and has been in continuous operation since 1911, thanks to Mary Frances’ management.

Most of us likely don’t know it, but Mary Frances’ birth year, 1919, was when women’s suffrage was adopted and legalized, just 101 years ago. Mary Frances will turn 101 years old this month (November).

I wanted to convey to the Rockport/Aransas Pass community that just recently, in spite of being ill and taking a fall in her home, where she still resides independently, one of her chief concerns was that she cast her ballot in this election. She asked my wife and I to get an absentee ballot for her so that she could vote from the hospital.

She’s a bit frail now, but was concerned about the appearance of her signature on the ballot. She practiced her signature a few times on a blank piece of paper, telling us she wanted her signature to look good.

Her reasons for voting were simply stated, “I have to vote because this country gave my family hope and opportunity. It would be irresponsible and ungrateful not to vote.”

This attitude at 101 years of age, should remind us all of what we have and what we have to lose.

Thanks to the medical care by the EMS and hospital staff, she will be going home again.

Mary Frances’ mother (Mother Timmons), at 103 years of age, used to say, “I’d rather wear out than rust out.”

Wayne and

Helen Simmons

Dear Editor:

I am very insulted by Joe Biden.

I just saw Biden on TV saying to Trump supporters that we need to give him a chance. I call total bull.

Where was that attitude when Trump was in office?

I will not acknowledge Biden as my President!

I am very upset over this. I won’t ever forget how the far left has cheated my family.

John Bridges

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