Dear editor:

Mike, after sending in a letter asking that the new blue crab be tilted a bit so it can be viewed and photographed more easily, I was not very hopeful. Image my surprise and delight when I saw the front page of the most recent edition and saw the new TILT on the crab. Many thanks to the sculptor, Joe Barrington, for his willingness to make the modification to the installation. I can’t wait to get my grandchildren over there for pictures.

Much thanks to all involved.

Lee Couch

Dear editor:

Where to start? There were so many disgusting comments in your editorials of Aug. 25 and Sept. 1. One is reminded of Trump’s favorite phrase “fake news”, especially when it did not fit with his warped ideologies. It seems your personal opinions are also skewed toward spreading false information. You should stick to reporting the news, not subverting it.

Let’s start with those “innocent Americans sitting in jail” after the Jan 6 insurrection – YES, it was an INSURRECTION and they are not innocent. They attacked, and were responsible for the death of, at least one law enforcement officer, and severely injured another by ramming a car into a group of officers, and would have attacked senators in session if they could have reached them. Nothing gives them the right to do what they did, and defending them is unconscionable.

And, yes, the mirror doesn’t lie, but obviously you didn’t do much looking when Trump was in office because the reflected images then were of hatred and pure ignorance.

Your call for President Biden’s resignation is in direct contradiction to when the many who were unhappy with Trump’s election (he did win the popular vote, remember) but were told to respect the office of the Presidency and accept their fate.

As to President Biden’s response to the Afghanistan problem, you conveniently forgot to include the fact that the Trump administration in effect surrendered to the Taliban, agreed to pull our troops and forced the release of 5,000 Taliban prisoners – most of whom were probably at the airport contributing to the chaos and murders of our soldiers. And as to Biden’s mental acuity, it is far above the man who suggested we drink bleach to counter COVID-19. (Don’t say he was joking because he clearly wasn’t).

There are many legit news articles describing how the Trump administration contributed to what is happening in Afghanistan now – just Google them.

It was astounding to see the number of people who fell for Trump’s “Make America Great Again” political slogan, for that’s all it was – a slogan. He immediately set out to divide us and he accomplished this by holding his many, many political rallies where he encouraged people to hate and filled them full of his own form of “fake news”. His propensity to lie about absolutely everything (even when it might not be necessary) includes his bragging about being a “genius”. In fact, he got into the Wharton School of Business because his brother, Fred, called and asked them to accept him and his father showed up to further intimidate. An article in the Boston Globe was pretty explicit about the fact that he did not graduate with honors, and was actually a mediocre student. Thus the reasoning behind the refusal to release his grades and, indeed, threatening lawsuits to anyone who did. (Totally unnecessary as it would be illegal anyway, but a good insight into his fear of anyone seeing them and realizing that, once again, he was a liar).

This may be a good place to insert the fact that his father got Trump’s “bone spur” diagnosis that gave him his deferment from Vietnam from a doctor who was a tenant in one of his buildings. This doctor’s daughters have confirmed that it was “family lore” and that the doctor was then able to call Fred, Sr. to receive special treatment in regards to his tenancy. All this further confirms this man’s propensity for lies and what can only be seen as cowardice.

I’m not making this up, folks. Do your own research. Hint: you won’t find it on Fox News.

So, do not place the blame for what happened in Afghanistan on the Biden administration. It is squarely in Donald Trump’s lap. People need to only listen to and consider news as it is reported and draw their own conclusions, not depend on commentators or editors to tell them what they should think.

Our cancellation of subscription to this “newspaper” (term used loosely) will be sent by separate letter.

Joe and Stevie Myers

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