Dear editor:

My wife and I are both 89, and both have heart problems plus other serious problems - asthma, lupus and other old age barnacles. I just checked the Aransas County website looking for a location for us to get the COVID-19 serum.

The last update on the county website was in mid-December 2020. I checked the City of Rockport website and it is fairly up to date. It refers you to the state vaccination location map. Doing so shows only HEB as the place to get vaccinations in Aransas County. The HEB website says it’s not taking reservations for group 1B for shots. However, I just learned the South Texas Planning Clinic is giving shots. Know this for a fact. Some friends and acquaintances of mine have received their shots there. Why is this not shown as a resource in Aransas County?

I’m not begrudging anyone their shots, I’m just wondering why the secrecy and subterfuge on where to get shots. Apparently the South Texas Planning Clinic is only known by word-of-mouth. Why can’t the county keep their website up-to-date on this important issue? Why is the City website either behind or incomplete or negligent on locations for shots?

Just wondering.

Kenneth Reese

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