Dear editor:

As a Senior Chief in the Navy, we always stuck to facts. Even if the facts were inconvenient, we knew to deviate from them could end up costing lives.

Unfortunately, this same mindset seems not apply to those in our local government who are making big decisions. As revealed at Monday’s Rockport City Council meeting, the true cost of the City’s CO was substantially higher than the $3/yr. stated in two letters to the editor and on the City’s web site.

Though (City Financial Advisor) Mr. (Bob) Henderson wasn’t prepared to answer Councilman (Bob) Cunningham’s question about the cost of the $14.72M tax note if revenue growth and other sources of City revenues were excluded, he did finally state it would be approximately $1,700-$2,100 for the average home over the life of the note.

You can get an idea of your portion by dividing the $14,720,000 tax note by the $1,400,701,107 taxable value (from page 282 of the Council’s August 11 agenda packet) and multiplying by your property’s assessed value.

For the City’s average $231,205 residential homestead the cost of the note if paid upfront today would be $2,430. Despite the City trying to discredit the math posted to Facebook on this topic, it is clear the citizens had a solid grasp of the tax note’s true cost.

Once again, we find it’s our local governmental entities that are pushing false numbers and changing the goal posts to suit their narrative. This needs to stop if our local government wants to regain the trust of it citizens.

Rolando R. Rios

Senior Chief USN (Retired)

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