Dear editor:

President Trump should be aware words of division, of hate, of belittling, of making people out to be other, do have an impact on the mentally ill. Our words matter, and they matter greatly when they are the words of the President of the United States. President Trump has inflamed and emboldened the hatred that led to the shootings in El Paso.

I found it insightful that both letters to the editor regarding your opinion column of Aug. 6 live out of town. I did not respond at first out of a fear that an opinion outside of the majority would mean a sort of shunning of sorts. “Small town happenings” as Mr. Jones refers to, should not mean everyone thinks the same. It does mean that differences of opinion should be treated neighborly. Ms. Maczko’s opinion missed the neighborly mark. But Mr. Jones’ opinion frightens me for referring to “our cause”.

Christian gospel leads us to love our enemies and to love our neighbors as ourselves. It requires of us to be the best we can be, and not be “embarrassing baggage.”

Lillian Anfosso


Dear editor:

I can’t even begin to express my disappointment in hearing the city council has decided not to build Pickleball courts. Not only do I see this as a slap in the face for the residents of Rockport, but for us Winter Texans who were looking forward to playing on “real” courts instead of the makeshift ones they have been given to use. You need to stop and think about building your community into one that retirees want to come to year after year instead of driving them to search for communities that offer the amenities that are in line with what seniors and retirees expect in today’s world.

Jan Sanders

Chatham, IL

(Editor’s note: The Pickleball courts, at some point after the skate park is moved to Memorial Park, are still expected to be installed where the skate park is now located. What potential users of the courts desire comes with an approximate $50,000 price tag, which is money the city does not have in its budget. The city is working to obtain funding from various sources.)

Dear editor:

I have found the answer to the gun crisis in the United States. First, gather all guns and make the possession of guns illegal with a stiff sentence. Second, issue all persons over the age of 18, a musket. This is the kind the gun the founders of the constitution thought individuals would use, not an AK-anything to mow down your neighbors. Let me know if I should start my musket business.

Erin Collins


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