Dear editor:

In the Aug. 11 edition of the Pilot our editor had a few things to say about his thoughts on EVs (electric vehicles), and as a Tesla owner I have a few comments.

We purchased our first EV while President Trump was still in office so our purchase had nothing to do with Biden, Gore, the Squad or any other “green” political agenda.

The reasons we purchased the Teslas are because they are one of the safest vehicles made, they are very fast (the Plaid Model S is the fastest production vehicle made, faster than any Ferrari, Bugatti, Porsche or Dodge) so will probably not get run over on the highway and they require virtually no maintenance. Our first Tesla in two years and 30,000 plus miles required me to replace the cabin air filters at a cost of $34. No oil changes, no engine, no transmission, no belts, no emissions controls, etc., plus never need to visit a gas station, sorry Buc-ee’s. So the total cost of owning is less than a comparable internal combustion engine vehicle. Oh, did I mention they are very quiet, no exhaust, or engine noise?

I also use the autopilot feature and it makes driving, especially long trips, much easier and relaxing since it manages the speed and steering.

We just came back from visiting family and friends on a road trip of 4,886 miles and spent $284.24 on charging, if we had charged in our garage, which we usually do, the cost would have been $155.65.  Most of the Tesla chargers are located next to restaurants, fast food joints, shopping centers, and hotels, and we have been to a few in the parking area of large gas stations - no extension cords laying around. We have made multiple trips to Colorado plus the Midwest and the longest we have spent charging was around 35 minutes, the average is between 10 to 20 minutes, hardly time to need a bed to rent. But the Tesla has Netflix, YouTube and many video games to help pass the time while charging. It usually gives us time to get something to drink or eat, walk the dog and take care of other necessities, so yes it does take longer than pumping fuel, but it works for us, since we mostly charge up in our garage.

One other reason for a Tesla is it has Dog Mode which means our pup can stay in the car while we are away from the car, the AC or heat will stay on at the set temperature since we do not need an engine running, only using a small amount of electricity.

There is also Camp Mode, over the air updates, streaming music, karaoke, and Internet browser and on and on and on … but that is probably enough for now.

Other than the EV thoughts, we agree with the rest of the editorial 100%.

Fred Gibbs

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