Dear editor:

I’m afraid that too many people don’t realize the peril that they are facing. Not since the Civil War has the country been in the shape that it is now.

It is being torn apart by opposing ideologies. People are so blinded by their political ideology that they don’t see the real danger which is losing their freedom. Well I’m sure that people in Germany, Russia, Venezuela and others thought the same way.

What I’m saying is based on almost 90 years of experience and research. Calvin Coolidge was my first President so I’ve seen Presidents, countries, political dynasties rise and fall and all of them come and go.

I volunteered fight in WW II because I wanted to protect our freedom Folks this book: Freedom or Dependency is probably my last fight as my time is running out.

It will give you information about the problems that are occurring today. It will tell how and why they started and how they are going to affect you and why we are in danger of losing our freedom of choice. It will tell you things that politicians and the media won’t.

The only thing I ask of you is please be informed so that this won’t be your last real choice of the freedom and life you want. There is a powerful group that wants to decide for you. I’ll refund your money if you don’t think the book was worth it.

W.R. “Bill” Strong

Dear editor:

Taxation without representation exists in Aransas County.

My husband and I are property owners here in Rockport/Fulton. Like many weekend and holiday property owners, our votes are tied to other locations. This makes us silent property owners without a vote.

We purchased a house here because we fell in love with the beautiful town of Rockport/Fulton. We decided to purchase in preparation for retirement in approximately three years. What we have seen happening in Aransas County saddens us. The Aransas County representatives are unwilling to hear the voice of the people. Why? Most everyone we have spoken with has no objection to the two-story courthouse, however, they object to the deceptive way these individuals tried to hide their plans to build a three story “Taj Mahal”.

Would we vote “yes” for Proposition A and C? The short answer is “no” because the leaders did not publish enough information to garner a different response from us. We the people need more information before we enter into a huge debt that will last for decades. Additionally, with all the natural disasters our country has recently endured, the cost of courthouse, micro-hospital, etc. will likely cost more than anticipated … then what?

Families are forced to live within their means. Why not Aransas County?

Susie Devereaux

Dear editor:

Attention Aransas County registered voters that are also in the City of Aransas Pass.

Last week, if you early voted, you had to go to Rockport to vote for County positions to the President.  You also were supposed to go to the Aransas Pass Civic Center to vote in the City of Aransas Pass election.

There have been a lot of calls/complaints about having to go two places. Now San Patricio County has poll workers at the Civic Center for Aransas County residents and are supposed to have poll workers at each voting location in Aransas County.

I urge every (eligible) voter to vote for county, district, state, and federal, but to also vote in the City of Aransas Pass Election. There are two council seats to vote on and there are 11 city charter amendments to consider.


Martha Habluetzel

Dear editor:

Hurricane Harvey took away a lot, from a lot of us, but not our passion to live in a stronger and better town.

We all benefit from having a new and better courthouse. We all benefit from better streets and drainage. And, certainly we all benefit from having a local medical facility (no matter the size).

I voted for Propositions A, B, and C and ask you to consider voting yes, because Rockport is and will be that stronger and better town to live in.

Helen F. Hough

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