Dear editor:

Did you move here because of the high rises? Did you move here because of the boardwalk, the arcades, and nightclubs? Did you move here to see your taxes go up?

I don’t think so. If you’re like me, you moved here to get away from the hustle and bustle of traffic and rise in crime in the bigger cities, and higher taxes. You moved here to enjoy coastal living. You enjoy being around the water, boating, fishing, dining out at one of our fine seafood restaurants, and you enjoy the birds. You enjoy seeing your children getting a fine education. You enjoy our art community and the fantastic galleries, and you enjoy our great festivals.

Every time we drive by the water, there’s just something about it. It’s calming, and relaxing, it’s home. It’s almost like being on vacation all year.

I just don’t understand why someone who loves Rockport enough to move here would run for office and then want to change everything to like where they came from.

The city attorney said, “We don’t even need a Comprehensive Plan” at the last City Council meeting. So, if the overwhelming majority do not want it, then burn it. We didn’t have this plan when we came here, why now? It just seems like “we the people” are not being listened to. We need mayors like George Martin, Glenda Burdick and Todd Pearson. We need council members who listen to their constituents. The City has once again given the Comprehensive Plan to Planning and Zoning.

The map has changed colors so many times, it reminds me of that wheel we used to put in front of the aluminum Christmas tree.

Remember what Mayor Pearson once said - Planning and Zoning only makes recommendations.

It’s the council that makes the call and I’m all for burning it. Why put us all through this when the City attorney sat right there and said, “We don’t even have to have it.”

Mayor and Council, give us a break and say no. Let us get on with our lives.

George Riekers

(Editor’s note: The city attorney said the city already has a comprehensive plan, and if a new one isn’t adopted, then the city will operate under the current plan.)

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