Dear editor:

John Kerry told oil field workers who lost their job to change their professions to building solar panels.

Due to free trade agreements with China, Americans would have to work for less than $10 a day to compete with China’s minimum wage.

This is why as Americans we believe in fair trade and trade tariffs to protect our economy.

That’s why we had the Boston Tea Party. Free trade tea was destroying our economy.

Congressman Michael Cloud is working hard with the Biden administration to change Trump’s trade agreements that protect our economy.

Why is it that people we hire to protect us are paid more to destroy our economy?

Companies in China and Mexico don’t have insurance. I spent $8,000 on insurance on my company last year.

Why is destroying our economy more profitable than rebuilding our economy? 

John Wright 

Dear Editor,

After reading Rockport Pilot issues dated January 27th, January 30th and February 6th I am getting a little perplexed personally with the entire COVID vaccine distribution process or lack of. The editor of the Pilot says we ALL need to chill, Judge Mills said we’re not going to receive enough vaccines to meet our counties requirements and Mayor Rios says that Rockport or Aransas County is leading the entire Country with a mortality rate of greater than 4 percent. From what Mayor Rios says, with respect to the mortality rate taken from the Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 Dashboard, what metrics or process are the government entities whether state or federal using for justification or allotments for vaccination rollout/distribution. It appears to me to be the Good Old Boys System and we’ve run out of Good Old Boys.

I am finding out that a small city like Beeville and the larger city of Victoria are receiving doses and are alternate sites to get vaccinated or you can go spend all night in line with hopes of getting vaccinated in Robstown. Meanwhile I have friends, neighbors and acquaintances that continue to die from COVID.

Personally I don’t mind driving to these alternate locations to get vaccinated but I am thinking about other seniors/less mobile people.


John Hitchcock

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