Dear editor:

Happy Harvey Anniversary to you. Your efforts to help keep the public informed during the aftermath of the storm were much appreciated and helpful. The ability to have local issue coverage in a hometown newspaper continues as a great local asset today. As the publisher it is not unexpected that you would also utilize the platform available to provide your own insights as appropriate. Your weird rant under the heading “Lots of changes” in the Wednesday, Aug. 25 edition does a general disservice to the public by making you seem delusional and it casts doubt on your professional judgment.

I believe it’s very likely that we had similar upbringing and life experiences, and that we both love our country deeply. My career had me spending some difficult amounts of time in a multitude of despotic or autocratic Third World nations. Many of course were poverty stricken and several with civil wars underway, and I was always so grateful and thanked my lucky stars that I was able to come back home and live in America. It is completely understandable why this country’s promise and opportunity are so highly valued by millions around the globe, and I believe we are made better by the presence of those immigrants who have arrived here. I don’t understand though what you seem to be so afraid of in today’s admittedly divided America.

I agree that social media is on net a bad influence. I don’t mess with it, but from some of your writing you seem to have been spending way too much time chasing conspiracy theories down some very scary rabbit holes. The social media giants only have the power given to them by their subscribers. Walk away. You really go over the line though defending the former president’s responsibility for the attempted overthrow of results from our last national election. What term would you rather use than “insurrection” - perhaps “overflow of tourists”?

Please believe your eyes before crying about “innocent” Americans jailed for their actions on Jan. 6.  How about your stated “grand plan” to fundamentally change the USA that you seem to think that Mr. Trump was able to temporarily thwart?  What is that about?  Or, “saying to hell to our nation’s sovereignty, and everything that made our country great in the first place”? Or, “just follow the money”. Or, “being directed in life by unseen algorithms”.  You may truly believe that “we can’t use our own brains anymore” (and your letter is making a pretty good case for that), but I think that by not “blindly following ideology” America’s future is bright, sustained by a clear discernment of right and wrong and with an actual respect for the rule of law. I think the Republican Party once actually believed in those things, too.


Steven Williams

Dear editor:

Thank you for your spot on editorial this week. It is sadly true.

Marilyn Gum

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