Dear editor:

I feel a responsibility to speak to those who are being so liberally and lopsidedly informed about our country, policies and history. The youngest generations don’t know the other side, many don’t seem to know history, and sadly enough don’t seem to care.

I see this blind march forward guided by some crazy environmentally-driven socialism that will further bankrupt the nation until we begin to print worthless money, descend into hyper-inflation, experience massive price increases for basic goods, see bread lines, etc. - the things we have or the generations prior have seen over and over in history. History has proven that it does not work.

There was racism and sexism in the past, and if you didn’t have money there were all kinds of “isms” that would crush the average man. But now we are collectively from all over the world, all shades of skin and race. And yes, the founding fathers of our nation were all Northern European Anglo Saxon Protestants by birth for the most part, but they were men committed to the survival of each human being’s equal right to individual liberty, equality before the law, and the freedom to pursue our own happiness.

It is my belief their concept of true liberty was born in the revolutionary ideas of freedom found in the New Testament. Indeed, liberty jumps from the pages of the Bible, and in particular, the New Testament. We read not just of the liberty we may experience in the Resurrection, but the liberty that men came to slowly understand meant that it was the right of all men not to live in the shadow of fear and subjugation of a government or controlling hierarchy of a wealthy powerful structure of religious faith.

It took the Dark Ages, the Renaissance, and Reformation, the formation of universities, and the Age of Reason (to simplify another 1,500 years), but there it was - this universal idea that is not just American or intended just for those of the Christian faith - but indeed, all men and women we were all created to be free!

History is full of unfortunate acts of the denial of equality and freedom. Wrestling with powerful and wealthy institutions for the revolutionary idea that we are all equal before both God and government means the power base would shift - and those who hold the power don’t like to let it go, so this struggle can be bloody.

Imagine what it took for those founding fathers to say, “No”, in the face of those forces that would crush their right to self-govern and live as free men, determining who and what they would be, think and believe - and their ability to protest without fear.

The strength of self-determination and equality before the law was a powerful concept that could harness human energy and creativity like nothing before it. No one group of men in history had come together as our founding fathers did to establish forever and for all men and women the concept that it be established by law that we are all created equal and should not be afraid to think and speak freely and voice the belief in the truth of that God-given liberty that could speak to each human heart and mind equally.

I want the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and Bill of Rights to survive as a seminal historical amazing watershed of liberty and be recognized for the documents they are.

God bless the ink and parchment with which they were written and the intelligent men who penned the words so purely and carefully. These were men who had experienced the capricious powers of both monarchies and the historical Papacy. They knew that liberty and the God-given right for each man and woman to live freely must be permanently established.

Those men stayed amazingly neutral and true to the idea of liberty. They were driven by the undeniable need for action despite the great and dangerous forces standing against them. They knew the great risk, but it still moved them to do what they knew must be done for the concept of eternal liberty to be given undeniable life that would not, hopefully, ever die.

The current social and political atmosphere should not result in altering these foundational documents. They are unique, valuable, and powerful. If we lose them, we all lose.

The struggle for universal liberty did not happen for all people, race and sex at one time or overnight, but we have made progress and while they may not have spelled it out at that time, we have now established it as the truth that is self-evident.

Mitchell Skidmore

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