Unlike many football fans, I don’t boycott NFL games due to former San Francisco 49er quarterback Collin Kaepernick’s decision in 2016 to make his social injustice statement by kneeling during the National Anthem. I don’t agree with his using that setting because I watch a game for the game. His actions have nothing to do with my not watching NFL regular season games.

I pretty much quit doing that after the Houston Oilers’ Luv Ya Blue days.

That was a cool period for the NFL. The Steelers and Cowboys were awesome, and you never heard about the New England Patriots … or where they the Boston Patriots back then?

Fast forward to Sunday night’s Super Bowl LIII (I think that’s 53!) – the lowest rated title game in 10 years.

In case you didn’t hear, the New England Patriots beat the L.A. Rams 13-3 in a shootout!

The Patriots, led by sixth-round draft pick Tom Brady, and Bill Belichick, the oldest coach to win a Super Bowl, joined forces for the 11th time in the big game, and walked away winners for the sixth time. That tied the record for most Super Bowl wins with the aforementioned Steelers. The Cowboys and 49ers have each won the big game five times.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, that’s one hell of an accomplishment, and something we won’t see again in our lifetimes.

The amazing thing is they seem to win no matter who is playing around Brady, and they always feature a smallish (by NFL standards) white dude who just plays hard as hell.

Remember Wes Welker?

Now it’s Julian Edelman … and all he did was win MVP honors.

The day before the Super Bowl I was scrolling through, and deleting recordings on our TV. I always delete more than I watch, but for some reason I scrolled through all my recordings of ESPN’s E:60 to see if any of them interested me.

One of the features was about Edelman, so I watched it. I was shocked when I looked over and saw my wife taking it in, as well.

I think this is the first Super Bowl she actually cheered for an NFL player (and knew his name), and only because she watched the E:60 show with me the night before.

In case you’ve never seen the Edelman feature, and if you’re any kind of fan who likes to cheer for an underdog, I encourage getting your hands on it.

Looking back at the NFL in the 70s and early 80s, I can’t help but think about the good old days on the NFL gridiron.

Not only was the football better, so were the commercials.

The NFL ad this year was rated the top commercial. Seeing all those former NFL stars brought back memories of my NFL viewing during my high school and college years.

In past year’s, Dorito’s and Budweiser have had some great ads, but nothing will ever beat the Mean Joe Green Coca-Cola commercial.

In closing, I have one factoid and one prediction.

The Houston Oilers never won the big one (fact), and they never will (trick question).

However, I sure did believe ol’ Bum Phillips was going to lead the Oilers to the Promised Land when he said, “Last year we knocked on the door. This year we beat on it. Next year we’re going to kick the son of a bitch in!”

Those were the days.

Until next week, have a good week.

Mike Probst can be reached at publisher@rockportpilot.com.

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