Dear editor:

My wife and I received our COVID-19 shots (Moderna) at the vaccination drive thru in Fulton on Jan. 20. We were due to receive our follow up second shots Wednesday, Feb. 17. To date, no work on availability of follow up shots. None of the local pharmacies are taking appointments. Some friends of ours went to Corpus Christi, but second shots where by appointment only. Calls to city and county have not been productive. Any information as to when second shots might be available? I know the city and county have their hands full with the “Great Cool down of Twenty One”, but our vaccination situation is serious also. Any info you can get out of the government halls of silence would be appreciated.

Kenneth Reese

Dear editor:

“Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.”

-Henry David Thoreau

Outdoorsmen are a different breed. They are their own brotherhood; one where things like age differences don’t seem to matter much. My youngest son loves to fish; all my sons do, but this is a story about the youngest one. He is 16. Recently he was on a fishing adventure at Rockport Beach where he was befriended by a gentleman who took an interest in his fishing. They struck up a conversation and while Reilly fished they talked about fishing and fly tying and rod building - all things Reilly loves. The man was not fishing himself, but stayed awhile; long enough to discover that Reilly would like to learn to build his own rods. He shared with Reilly that his own brother builds rods. When the man was ready to leave, he handed Reilly a sum of cash. He said he wanted Reilly to start building those rods – he was investing in him. The money was to be used to purchase the supplies needed. It was not a small amount of money and I don’t think he even knew Reilly’s name. Reilly didn’t remember getting his. Just two outdoorsman … one older and one younger. One just learning, and one who knows enough to know why it is he fishes.

So sir, if you are reading this, I want to thank you for investing in Reilly. Thank you for teaching him to be generous and kind to strangers. Thank you for investing your time, knowledge and your money into a boy with a passion. I am partial but you made a really good investment.

Wishing you tight lines and calm seas,

Deidra Cate

Dear editor:

The recent winter storm tested our governmental and public institutions and they appear to have failed miserably.   Of the five nights we did not have power, the first night, which we spent in our house, was the most interesting.  I realized it was a bad idea when a glass of water sitting beside the bed, began to freeze.  The next night was spent cruising the streets of Corpus Christi looking for a hotel room. That 10-12 hour search paid off with a very nice room at a bay front hotel acquired at 9 a.m. the next morning. The last three nights were warm and cozy in that hotel. On the first day of this ordeal, I contacted the Law Enforcement Center and asked about emergency arrangements to provide heat to our citizens, open public buildings, and the like.  They suggested we go sit in our car to stay warm, which was not possible because of impassable iced stairway.  This was a civic emergency, so where was our Emergency Management Office? I am all for preparedness and self-reliance, but this office has a budget funded by taxpayer money. In this latest crisis, in what way did they serve the people and the needs of Aransas County?

Don Schlecht

Dear editor:

We need to pray people. Biden’s immigration bill cannot pass. Biden’s immigration bill is totally designed to bring down America. There are things in place to legally bring in immigrants. I don’t want that financial burden put on Americans, because of their bad choices. Time to push back any way we can.

John Bridges

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