The COVID-19 pandemic has completely altered our behaviors for all but three months this year, and half the population is mad, and the other half happy about the presidential results.

So what in the heck do we have to be thankful for this year?


For starters, if you’re reading this, write at the top of your list, “I’m thankful that I’m alive and living in the greatest country in the history of mankind, even with its faults.”

Then, look down at your feet. If you have on a pair of shoes, write down, “I’m thankful I have shoes to wear.”

Unless you’re running around naked, write down, “I’m thankful I have some clothes to wear.”

The point is, regardless of your current circumstance in life, you have something for which to give thanks.

I remember my father, the retired Lutheran minister, always saying, even in death, those surrounding the one who died can give thanks for the memories of experiences shared.

As I write this Monday night I’m waiting word about when oldest daughter goes to the hospital to give birth to our sixth grandchild (three for her and our son-in-law!)

As much as I want to be there, I know our generation is represented since grandma is already in place.

I’m thankful I’ve been able to celebrate my parents’ 90th birthdays, and my mother-in-law’s 84th birthday this year.

I’m thankful for the good health of my family, and the fact none of our kids have lost their jobs during the pandemic.

I’d be very remiss if I didn’t say I’m more than thankful for my staff. It hasn’t been an easy haul since Hurricane Harvey, yet they’ve stood tall, done their jobs well, and persevered, many facing their own challenges.

I guess the point of all this, and I am talking to me, as well, is life is how you look at it.

I can focus on the negative, and my life will be less that what God intended it to be.

Or, I can accept (not necessarily approve) things around me and focus on the good in the world.

There is more good in our world, than bad. It just depends on where we focus our attention.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Until next week, have a good week.

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