Dear editor:

Like me, you might be overwhelmed with calls from telemarketers and robo-callers that aren’t being blocked by your robo/telemarketer blocker. They are not blocked because callers are using software that falsifies the phone number showing on your Caller ID. Callers can then call you every day with a new number and the call won’t be blocked. No call blocker can be effective in this situation. There is a bill in the Texas House to prevent these calls, but it will be ineffective since phone companies are powerless to block numbers than can be changed easily. As Texans, our best bet is action by our Senators. Repeated messages to Senators Cruz and Cornyn asking that the software be illegal to possess or use have gone unanswered. I’m a conservative, but have had it with them and these callers. Please encourage them to be heroes by passing a bill outlawing this software.

Jim Parnella

San Antonio

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