Dear editor:

Are you concerned about the dangerous intersection at the Highway 35 Bypass and Corpus Christi Street? Be prepared for a more hazardous situation in the near future, unless you help take action against it now.

On Tuesday, March 10 at 6:30 p.m. the (Rockport) city council and the Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) will be considering rezoning the northwest corner of Corpus Christi Street and Bypass 35 to Commercial B-1 property, instead of the residential zoning, which the property now has. This is of concern to many in our long-standing neighborhood for a variety of reasons (research showing increased crime in neighborhoods abutting commercial properties, increased noise, pollution, and traffic on a street not far from a bus stop, lowered property values). But, more importantly for the whole area, this will increase traffic and danger at an already very hazardous intersection.

The intersection has seen 23 car accidents since 2010; more than the accidents at Highway 188 or Highway 1069. The reason this intersection is especially hazardous is because an on-ramp comes onto the Bypass at the exact spot where Corpus Christi Street intersects with the Bypass, causing additional distraction.

If traffic and distraction is increased because of a new business, everyone who drives past that intersection will potentially be impacted and be put in more danger than already exists.

I am urging all concerned residents to come out March 10 and let your concerns be heard at the city council / P&Z meeting.

Much thanks,

Brenda Clark

Dear Editor:

South Rockport Neighbors, during its annual Christmas party, presented $200 donations to the U.S. Marines Toys for Tots, Another Chance Dog Rescue, Rockport Community Pool, Children’s Coalition of Aransas County, Boy’s & Girl’s Club of Aransas County, Cat Tales Cat Rescue, and the Rockport Fulton High School JROTC. It’s South Rockport Neighbors’ way of giving back and telling these other non-profits we appreciate them and what they do.

George Riekers

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