One of the many Facebook funnies

This marks my third column during the “local” Coronavirus (COVID-19) period. One day, hundreds of years from now, somebody will look back at this period as if it was something like the Precambrian eon or the Mesozoic era.

It’s scary, of course, because we’ve never experienced anything like this. Many folks are losing a ton of money (on paper only) in their retirement funds, have lost their jobs, or just don’t where to find any peace of mind.

We are lucky not to have a confirmed case in Aransas County, but I’m sure we’ll have a few before this is all over.

Don’t fear it. If you’re reading this, you’ve survived the worst life has thrown at you. There are only a few things we can do about it, such as wash our hands, stay away from sick people, don’t stand around with a bunch of folks, cover your mouths when you cough, and stick around your house when able to do so.

The best advice I’ve heard yet is to act like you have it, act like everyone else has it – and act accordingly.

Much like in the aftermath of Harvey, one has to laugh every once in a while in order to keep his or her sanity.

This sitting at home, when not working, has definitely messed with my already messed up schedule.

In a later column I’ll describe what I see as the differences between life immediately after Harvey, and life in a pandemic.

One thing I did do during the weekend is I spent a lot of time on Facebook for entertainment. I plan on reading more educational things this weekend! One big difference between post-Harvey life, and pandemic life, is the memes and funny posts on social media.

Today I share some of my favorites “posted” on this page.

Until next week, have a good week, and pass the toilet paper.

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