Dear editor:

I enjoy reading the Rockport Pilot articles devoted to the history of Aransas County. I was surprised last week to open the Wednesday edition and see my mother’s face in the History Mystery article.  Perhaps, it is my years spent as a research historian coming out, but it always bothers me when I read errors in an article, particularly about my family.

There were only three children in our family, not four.  The grocery store building has been gone for more than 40 years. In the early 1990s, Mother, Alan, my husband, Dr. Tom Noel, a well-known Western historian and his wife, Vi, and I were at Duck Inn for dinner. Tom asked Mother the question about carrying a gun. Her answer was “No, that is what I have my boys for.”    In the article, a part of one sentence,  “ … helped in her family’s grocery store”, did not reflect the situation at all.  In the late 1940s, Mother and Daddy opened Shivers Grocery with both of them working together. After he became sheriff in 1951, he continued to open very early in the morning to accommodate the shrimpers, oystermen, and fishermen and to have coffee often with Miss Connie Hager.

When he first came to Rockport, he lived with Miss Connie and Mr. Jack. When he left for the courthouse, Mother would take over. We were very fortunate to have as an extended member of the family, Jane Torres, who helped us at home. Mother worked as secretary to Jimmy Sorenson for a number of years at Wells Fargo Bank (formerly First National Bank). The last few years, Jimmy had her come in for four hours a day to be a greeter, etc. since she knew most everyone in Rockport.  Thus, I found the remark “Few people know this historical fact, and few people know about Hattie, Alice, and Virginia!” rather strange.  Actually, for the 1940s and 1950s, I would consider her a very modern woman. She worked full time, she made time for the Young Matron’s Bridge Club, and was very active at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, and numerous civic organizations.

Actually her first job out of business school was working in the Sheriff’s Office for Sheriff J.A. Brundrett!

Look forward to more history articles and thanks to the Aransas County Historical Commission for their contributions.

Mary Martha

Shivers Culpin

Dear editor,

It is once again national nurses week. I am wrong writing this to you only on this week. The nurses at Gulf Pointe plaza should be recognized every week of the year.

One only has to see them in action to know they are dedicated to their career. They know each one of their residents, their likes and dislikes on food, what they did when they were younger, what they collect, etc.

I like frogs. Recently, a frog decided to visit inside at Golf Pointe, so when one of the nurses saw him and picked him up, she said, “Go get Miss B (They call me that because my last name begins with a B) so she can hold him.”

It may seem trivial to some, but I thought that was nice!

One nurse really likes to dance so if I have one of my Garth Brooks CD’s playing when she comes in to do vital signs, she’s singing and dancing.

When they enjoy themselves we have more enjoyment. We are treated as humans and individuals, not members.

So I would like to compliment all the nurses at Golf Pointe. The overnight nurses are forgotten by those who sleep all night, but they are there taking good care of their folks.

I could go on and on about these special people, but I hope by now you get the drift of my letter. Many kudos to G. P. P. nurses! Heroes all!

If you ever have a family who needs the services here, I hope you can and see for yourself!

It’s hard to explain how wonderful the nurses are here; one needs to see for themselves.

Hope everyone enjoyed this upbeat letter to compared to other well deserved ones on other subjects.

Sherrill Barringer

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