Aransas County commissioners, at their regular meeting Monday, Jan. 10, tabled two Orders related to petitions to close, abandon and vacate portions of country streets.

The two Orders were tabled at the request of County Development Services Coordinator Katherine A. Comeaux. She noted there are questions regarding the Open Beaches Act that need to be answered before the court takes action.

Order #O-02-2022 is in regard to the petition of Trudy Hutchings to close, abandon and vacate the platted 60-foot wide portion of Ash Street lying between Lot 16, Block 92 and Lot 9, Block 93, Lamar Townsite.

Order #O-03-2022 is in regard to the petition of Mary Thornhill to close, abandon and vacate the platted 60-foot wide portion of Pine Street lying between Lot 15-R, Block 91 and Lot 9, Block 92, Lamar Townsite.

Thornhill said she needs to install a bulkhead on the property in question, but has to own it before she can build anything on it.

“I’ve added a significant amount of riprap, and my property is still eroding,” said Thornhill.

The two areas in question are located near the old Copano Bay Fishing Pier that was closed prior to Hurricane Harvey, and later removed.

The two property owners asking for the closing and abandonment action claim their property is eroding at a faster pace since the pier and old causeway were removed.

One of the owners said all sea grass has been lost in front of her property, and she has applied 30 truckloads of dirt on it to no avail.

Another property owner in the area claimed the streets to be closed and abandoned is the way he gets to his property.

He said he has contacted an attorney, adding, “I have a solution that will help these ladies, and not hurt me.

“I would like a little more time to offer a solution that benefits the petitioners, the county, and me.”

The two Orders will be addressed again at a later date.

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