Jeff Hutt has announced his candidacy for Aransas County Tax Assessor-Collector in the March 3 Republican Primary Election.

“The Tax Assessor-Collector is an elected position that is structured to be answerable to and represent the people. It is not an appointed position,” he said.

Hutt grew up in Rockport. His father worked at DuPont and his family owned a successful local business. He moved as a teenager and has since lived all around the world. Hutt returned home with his wife, Christy, and two teenage children, Jude and Mara, because he wants his children to grow up in the most wonderful place in the world.

“It’s the people,” he said. “Our unique natural environment, plus the fishing are all great, but it really comes down to the people. They’re the salt of the earth. I’m lucky to be raised here.”

Citing his reason for running for the County Tax Assessor-Collector position, he said, “Ever increasing property values are adding a heavy burden on the families and taxpayers of our community. The elected Tax Assessor-Collector does not establish appraisal values or set the tax rate, but should be in the forefront to encourage taxpayer participation in the Property Appraisal Appeals process as the most effective way to address any unfairness within the system.

“Let me be clear, I am no career bureaucrat. I’m coming at this job from a businessmen’s perspective with a patriot’s sense of fairness and accountability to the voters. If elected, I want to make the Appeals process more transparent and streamlined, and I will work with civic organizations to educate citizens so they understand the basis for appraising their property and how to navigate through the appeals process confidently.

“Protesting our taxes is a Right. No-one should be intimidated into not exercising those Rights, or confused about how to assert them.”

Hutt said he made a career working in the United States and abroad as a business developer and operations manager, running for-profit schools for international business executives to learn English and American business practices.

His responsibilities included establishing company-wide procedures, overseeing billing to 40-plus different countries, managing day-to-day operations, meeting requirements established by the United States, as well as foreign governments, and designing programs to attract new business. He wants to bring these types of business efficiencies to running the Assessor-Collector’s office, for the benefit of our taxpaying public.

Since moving home, Hutt was hired to manage the Rockport Aquarium Education Center.

“I am proud to be part of such an important community organization. My goal is to see the Aquarium rebuilt before taking office in January of 2021,” he said.

“I believe in open dialogue between elected officials and voters. I encourage everyone who has questions for me, concerns about the office, or good ideas about how we can improve our community to reach out. You can do this through Facebook at @VoteHutt, via email at or giving me a call at (361) 205-5634.

“Together, we can ensure Aransas County remains a place that fosters the families who call it home, and that the Tax Assessor-Collector’s office truly represents the voters.

“I respectfully ask for your vote in the Republican Primary on March 3.”

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