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Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce President/CEO Diane Probst, left, shares a funny post-Harvey story, before Randy and Sandy Jumper, second and third from left, receive the keys to their new HAP home. DSW Homes’ Steve Mataro, second from right, presented the Jumpers with their new key. GrantWorks’ Donna Johnson, right, played a key role in the GLO’s HAP Program.

Randy and Sandy Jumper were given the keys to their new house in the 4100 block of FM 1781 Monday, Oct. 14. It was awarded to the couple through the Texas General Land Office’s (GLO) Homeowner Assistance Program (HAP).

The Jumpers lost the RV in which they lived, and the small building located next to it received heavy damage in the storm.

The Jumpers didn’t have a place to live immediately after Harvey, but made their way back to Rockport-Fulton right after the storm, made minor repairs to the building next to their RV, and lived in it, except for the time period during which their new home was being constructed.

The building in which they lived for almost two years had to be demolished to make room for their new house.

S. Jumper continued to apply for assistance via several programs, but was not successful.

“Then one day, out of the blue, I got a call and they said, ‘You’re getting a new home.’” she said.

During the long period between the storm, and receiving the call, S. Jumper was actively involved in the economic recovery of the Rockport-Fulton area in her role as vice president of marketing and promotion of the Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce.

GLO Outreach Coordinator Simone Sanders welcomed the crowd gathered for the occasion, saying, “It is my honor to welcome everyone.”

Aransas County Project Manager John Strothman said, “I couldn’t be happier for you two. This is much deserved.”

S. Jumper’s boss, Chamber President/CEO Diane Probst, recalled how the Jumpers traveled back and forth between San Antonio and Rockport-Fulton after Harvey.

“She came into the office and would say, ‘I think we can make this work by putting a bed in the kitchen (in the building next to their RV) and hanging my clothes in the pantry,’” said Probst.

They lived in that manner for almost two years. Probst recalled how the Jumpers were near their wits end when a heavy storm, after Harvey, and after repairs were made to the building in which they lived, heavily damaged their living quarters … again.

Probst recalled the day S. Jumper walked into the Chamber and said, “We got a call!”

“We all saw the happiness in your eyes,” said Probst.

Steve Mataro, owner of DSW Homes, the company that is under contract with the GLO to build the two bedroom, two bath homes through the HAP, presented the Jumpers with the keys to their new home.

“I see a lot of love and support from friends and neighbors here today,” said Mataro. “We have GrantWorks and the GLO represented here today, as well. They’re working diligently to bring families home.

“Thank you for trusting us (to build your new home.”

S. Jumper said the experience from start to finish was a pleasure.

“They (DSW employees) are so kind hearted. We couldn’t be happier by the way we were treated (throughout the process).

“So many people have helped up in so many ways.”

GrantWorks’ Donna Johnson said she is thrilled to be working with the GLO and its HAP Program.

“They (partners) get it done immediately and do it right,” said Johnson.

“It’s amazing how fast they came in and built it,” said R. Jumper. “They built it well, and were very friendly.”

The Jumpers, along with those in attendance, toured the house and enjoyed refreshments provided by friends.

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