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The family of Jerry Brundrett, from left, Brad Brundrett, Kelly Alice Brundrett, Bradford Brundrett, Marsha Brundrett, Kyleigh Karl, Brandi Karl, Brody Karl, and Jerry, gathered at the Rockport Service Center Tuesday, Oct. 13 to read a letter, written to him and his descendants. The letter was penned by Mr. and Mrs. William J. Mitchell, and placed in the city’s 1970 Centennial time capsule.

Fifty years ago Mr. and Mrs. William J. Mitchell placed a letter, as well as a few other items, in a time capsule that was buried in 1970. The occasion was the City of Rockport Centennial Celebration.

The letter was addressed to Jerald Brundrett Jr. and Descendants.

Jerry Brundrett, his wife Marsha, and family members met city officials at the Rockport Service Center Tuesday, Oct. 13 to receive the letter, as well as the other items.

Moisture had seeped through the seal of the stainless steel time capsule; however, many of the items were recovered and restored.

“Marsha and I had only been married a year (when the time capsule was buried). I was still at Texas A&I, and Marsha was working for Humble in Kingsville,” recalled Jerry.

The letter mentioned the 1970 price of staple items, such as eggs and bread. It also noted Jerry and Marsha were “nonconformists” because they didn’t drink and party.

The Mitchells did air one of their concerns about Jerry in the letter, noting “he spends too much time surfing on St. Jo Island.”

Information sought

There are other letters recovered from the capsule where the names are illegible, but the contents are still readable. If one thinks he or she or a family member may have participated in the letter-writing campaign, and want to review the letters, please contact Kimberly Henry by email or phone (361) 729-2213 ext. 253.

Other contents include many pieces of news media, budgets, audits, letters, coins, photos, etc. City staff has worked diligently to save as many items as possible.

They may be viewed on the city’s web site at:

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