The Rockport City Council, acting in its temporary role as the Rockport Heritage District (RHD) Board at its regular meeting Tuesday, Nov. 12, approved a Certificate of Appropriateness Application submitted by Craig and Ramona Day.

The Days want to place a storage container on the west (back) side of their restaurant, Latitude 28º02”.

The container will be shielded from view by an eight-foot privacy fence. The fence will also enclose the existing dumpster at the restaurant.

Chad Lee of Lee Construction Services, representing the Days, said the owners lost in Hurricane Harvey the part of the restaurant used for storage. They are currently using a section of the restaurant (used for seating prior to the storm) for storage, but need that space once again for patrons.

“When they can rebuild the storage area they will remove the temporary container,” said Lee.

He said the Days would like to have three years to build a permanent storage facility.

“If you say something less than that then we will have to go with that,” said Lee.

Mayor Pro-tem JD Villa said the only thing he doesn’t like about the request is the three year period.

Councilman Bob Cunningham asked about how long it will take for the new city hall to be constructed, which is in that same general area.

Mayor Pat Rios said the city is hoping three years.

“This (Day’s request) won’t be that big of an eyesore with other (city hall) construction going on,” said Cunningham.

The request for put a storage container on the property, surrounded by fencing, was unanimously approved for a three-year period.

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