Habitat for Humanity of Aransas County (HHAC) is helping out a Rockport-Fulton High School graduate who recently lost four members of his family to COVID-19.

“Hearts were broken throughout the community at the news of one family that lost four members of their family to COVID-19,” said HHAC Executive Director Patty Butters. “When we heard the story of Angelo Trevino, whose life would be seriously impacted by this loss, we wanted to step in to help.”

Angelo is well known in this community as a four-year player on the RFHS Pirate varsity football team. Always respectful and hardworking, he has a heart for children and a strong work ethic.  He was employed with the Odyssey After School Enrichment Program before landing a position at Fulton Learning Center (FLC). He is currently taking classes at Del Mar, working at FLC during the day, and doing an internship as a high school football coach in the evenings.

“Before COVID-19 tore his home apart, Angelo had been living with his beloved grandmother, Francis Nava, for about 12 months,” said Butters. “Of the four family members, Francis was the last to pass away.

“She played a vital role in Angelo’s life, providing a place to reside and cheering him on the football field from day one. She was one of his biggest fans.”

Angelo also lost his uncle, Hector Nava, who was known throughout Rockport as “Coach Hector”.  His devotion and care for children in the community were prominent in the Pirate world, and Angelo aspires to follow in his uncle’s footsteps.

“Sadly, Angelo’s sense of home was disrupted with his grandmother’s loss, and his mother Heather is desperate to get him close to home,” said Butters. “Although there is not sufficient space for Angelo to live with his mother and stepdad, there is a structure on the property that had been added on to, so that it could easily become a space for Angelo.

“With the aid of stepdad, David Rollins, we started by framing out windows immediately. Fortunately, David and Heather knew some contractors who would volunteer with plumbing and tile work.”

This is where HHAC comes in. At this time it does not have the funding for the project. The cost for siding, interior structure changes, and complete interior finish out, which will include appliances, is estimated at $18,000.

If one would like to make a contribution he or she can mail his or her contribution to:

Habitat for Humanity of Aransas County

614 E. Market St.

Rockport, TX 78382

“Your contributions will enable us to complete this project, and fulfill the Habitat mission of empowering families with a hand up, not a handout,” said Butters. “We believe Angelo is a perfect recipient of this support, and we look forward to partnering with our community to take care of him during this time of grief. His family has been so moved by this act of grace, and we would like to show them there is a network of people in our community who want to be part of their healing. Please consider a gift of any size as we move forward with this project.”

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