The Interlocal Cooperative Agreement pertaining to the Downtown Anchor Project, between Aransas County and the City of Rockport, continues to be held up as each entity makes changes to the agreement, which must then be approved by the other entity.

The Downtown Anchor Project is a joint venture between the county and city, which will include a new courthouse and city hall, as well as a common area. It will be located on land in the block, or on the block next to where the old courthouse stood.

Aransas County commissioners, at their regular meeting Monday, July 22, tabled with a 3-2 vote authorizing County Judge C.H. “Burt” Mills to sign the agreement.

They met again three days later and discussed the matter in executive session. In open session, city and county officials, as well as members of the Long-Term Recovery Team, discussed details of the agreement and appeared to be in agreement. Aransas County District Attorney Kristen Barnebey was instructed to prepare an amended agreement and send it to the city for approval.

The Rockport City Council met with its attorney Friday, Aug. 2 in executive session for about 90 minutes. The council authorized Mayor Pat Rios and City Manager Kevin Carruth to negotiate and execute the final document.

The city sent the agreement back to the county, with its changes, and commissioners made additional changes after meeting in executive session at their meeting Monday, Aug. 5.

The agreement is now back in the city’s hands. It will either approve the changes made by the county, or send it back with further amendments/clarifications.

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