Aransas County Navigation District (ACND) commissioners, at their regular meeting Monday, Nov. 18, unanimously approved two Resolutions pertaining to agreements the district has with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) regarding property surrounding the old Copano Bay Fishing Pier.

Resolution No. 19-04 terminates the ACND’s Multiple Use Agreement (MUA) with TxDOT for the Copano Bay right of way. That original agreement is dated Aug. 18, 2005.

“They are in the process of tearing down the old pier,” said Harbor Master Keith Barrett. “This resolution terminates the original agreement.”

Commissioner Judy Vlasek asked if TxDOT is going to build another pier.

“No,” said Barrett. “They are in the bridge and highway business, not the fishing pier business.”

Resolution No. 19-05 creates a new MUA with TxDOT for the Copano Bay right of way.

Chairman Malcolm Dieckow noted the new MUA covers the area used by the ACND after the removal of the pier.

“We will describe all the things we’ve added to the property (since the original agreement),” said Barrett.

He noted it will be a detailed description of everything that is in place so that future commissioners and harbor masters will know what’s there.

“One of the reasons we’re doing this (being so detailed) is the north side of the causeway is the gateway to our community,” said Barrett. “Unfortunately, (the north end of the causeway) is a magnet for trash (couches, cars, etc.).

“We keep it maintained every week.”

He noted TxDOT is only required to mow the area twice per year.

Vlasek asked about the buildings located on each end of the closed pier.

“TxDOT will tear them down, too,” said Barrett.

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