City officials were disappointed to find many of the contents in the time capsule destroyed after 50 years, left photo. Many of the items were recoverable.

The Rockport City Council, at its regular meeting Tuesday, June 9, received a report about the contents of the time capsule, which was retrieved from the old city hall prior to its demolition. It contained items from the city’s centennial celebration in 1970.

Unfortunately, many of the items contained in the large stainless steel canister are unrecoverable.

The canister, which was about 48 inches long and 18 inches in diameter, was buried outside the old city hall inside a concrete vault when the building was built in the mid-80s.

“Condensation seeped in over the years,” said City Manager Kevin Carruth. “A lot of what was in there was destroyed, but a lot of it was salvageable.”

As items contained in the capsule are recovered, pictures will be taken and posted on the city’s website (cityofrockport.com).

Carruth said a cassette tape with interviews of local leaders, as well as a reel-to-reel tape containing audio from the big centennial celebration was in the capsule. Jim Wilken at Trinity Recording Studio restored all the recordings. The city was introduced to Wilken through KCTA AM Radio in Corpus Christi.

One can listen to the interviews recorded on the tapes via the city’s website.

The contents of the canister included many news items, budgets, audits, letters, coins, photos, etc.

“City staff has worked diligently to save as many items as possible from the time capsule and plan to bring forward different pieces for recognition, and display these items to the council and public over the next several months,” said Carruth.

Mayor Pat Rios noted one of the interesting pieces of information found was the group organizing the city’s centennial celebration in 1970 had a goal to raise $6,000 to fund a community production held at the high school football stadium.

“That amount of money wouldn’t go very far today,” said the mayor.

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