Banty Lane

Aransas County commissioners, at their regular meeting Monday, Jan. 27, authorized the Road and Bridge Department to advertise for bids for the construction of Banty Lane as per TxCDBG Contract N. 7219007.

At the commissioners’ July 8 meeting last year the court authorized Aransas County Judge C.H. “Burt” Mills to sign a contract for engineering services with Hanson Professional Services, Inc. for services associated with the Texas Community Development Block Grant - Disaster Relief (CDBG-DR) for the reconstruction of Banty Lane to pre-hurricane conditions.

The court also authorized the judge to sign a Professional Services Agreement with Hanson for engineering services to provide additional drainage and other customary improvements to Banty Lane, above pre-hurricane conditions, subject to any revisions by County Attorney Kristen Barnebey.

The project will not bring Banty Lane up to county road standards.

Bahia Bay Outfall

Aransas County commissioners, at their regular meeting Monday, Jan. 27, authorized County Judge C.H. “Burt” Mills to sign a professional services agreement with Hanson Professional Services, Inc., in connection with the design and permitting of the Bahia Bay stormwater outfall.

Road and Bridge Engineer David Reid said the design cost (not to exceed $88,000) is not in his budget, but he will find the money.

Commissioners, at their regular meeting Dec. 9 of last year, approved authorizing Reid to begin negotiations with Hanson for engineering services related to the design and preparation of construction documents for the Bahia Bay Watershed Drainage Improvements.

The project is similar to the outfall at Palm Harbor, and will help drain water from the west side of Business Highway 35, to the bay.

Hanson’s Craig Thompson, at the court’s Sept. 23 meeting, said the overall work on the Bahia Bay watershed drainage improvements would be broken down into two projects. The first would be the box culverts under the highway. The second would be the box culverts installed in the Bahia Bay subdivision, allowing outfall into one of the canals.

Construction funds are not in the current budget.

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