March for Equality

Those participating in the “March for Equality” in Rockport Thursday, June 18 did so peacefully after hearing speakers call for equality, sharing their own life experiences. Speakers prior to the march denounced the crime across the nation attributed to non-peaceful protesters. They also noted the death of George Floyd was the straw that broke the camel’s back, which has forced the nation to look at racism in all its forms.

A “March for Equality” was held in Rockport Thursday, June 18 beginning and ending at the site of the old Rockport City Hall. The route went through downtown Rockport, in front of the ski basin, and then back to city hall via Magnolia Street.

Prior to the march, a group of approximately 100 people gathered at the old city hall site and heard short speeches by Eric Holguin (Corpus Christi), Anthony Hall (Rockport), Fred Bradford (Aransas Pass), and Danyel McIlwain (Alabama).

Event organizer Ciji Medina of Rockport introduced each speaker.

(Editor’s note: One can view all the speeches via The Rockport Pilot’s Facebook page.)

The march began at the conclusion of the speeches.

It was a peaceful march, with the route lined by local law enforcement officials to ensure the protection of participants, as well as individuals along the route.

Bradford, during his address prior to the march, thanked the Rockport Police Department and other law enforcement officials for being on site to protect them (and help ensure it was a peaceful march).

“It went as well as it could possibly go, all things considered,” said Rockport Police Chief Greg Stevens. “There were some counter protestors, but everyone was respectful of the other’s 1st amendment rights.”

The chief added working with Medina prior to the march was nothing but constructive and collaborative.

“She wanted to do it the right way,” said Stevens.

Veterans gathered around the memorials at Veterans Park to ensure nothing happened to the memorials.

“The marchers/protestors did everything we asked them to do,” said Stevens. “It went really well.”

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