The Rockport City Council, at its regular meeting Tuesday, March 23, held a public hearing about extending the moratorium on the submission, acceptance, processing, and approval necessary for the creation of development plats, construction or facilities related to RV parks in the city.

Jamise Fisher, executive assistant for The Oasis Resort, told the council the resort’s owner, Donald Buttrum, has been waiting two years to build his upscale resort, which will include three upscale restaurants (Mexican, Italian, and steak house). She said the RV park portion of the development will be about 700’ off the SH 35 Bypass, in the back of the development, and requested the council consider a waiver on the moratorium for The Oasis Resort.

She noted Buttrum owns several local properties, as well as D&R River City RV Resort, between New Braunfels and San Marcos.

After closing the public hearing, the council discussed the extension of the moratorium for another 120 days.

The moratorium was initially adopted August 14, 2018 after Hurricane Harvey due to the large number of RV park applications. It has been extended six times. The City is also nearing completion of is Comprehensive Master Plan, which includes a Comprehensive Land Use Plan and RV park regulations.

Community Planner Amanda Torres said, “I know we’ve brought this (moratorium) before you multiple times. We are very close to bringing the RV ordinance to you, along with the Comprehensive Master Plan.”

The council is expected to review the final draft of the master plan at its April 13 workshop, after which hearings will be held to receive public input.

“This should be the last extension (of the moratorium),” said Torres.

It was noted that after the April workshop, the process for adopting the master plan, including public hearings, will begin. If adoption occurs prior to the end of the 120-day extension of the moratorium, the moratorium will naturally end.

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