Congressman Michael Cloud released the following statement Thursday, Aug. 26 about the situation in Afghanistan:

“Please join me in praying for the families of the American service members who lost their lives standing in the gap. These service members exhibited bravery and courage of the highest order. All those who remain to guard the airport continue to face the same threats and deserve our praise and commendation.

“I am calling on President Biden, Secretary of State Blinken, General Milley, and anyone else responsible for this disaster, to resign for their egregious failure of leadership in handling the situation in Afghanistan.

“The Biden Administration’s handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan has severely weakened the United States on the international stage and led to today’s tragic news of the needless loss of life.

“We have gone from the Trump Administration striking historic peace deals in the Middle East to a Biden Administration that takes orders from the Taliban and has allowed the debacle happening in Afghanistan.

“Last week when the Taliban toppled the Afghan government in a matter of days, President Biden was on vacation.

“When reports came out that the billions of dollars in classified and sensitive U.S. military equipment fell to the hands of the Taliban, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s email was ‘out of office.’

“While the United States military was working to evacuate as many Americans and Afghan allies as possible from Kabul, Speaker Pelosi called Congress back to Washington, DC to vote on a socialist spending spree. She did nothing to help the mission of getting Americans out of Afghanistan.

“At a press conference yesterday, President Biden was asked, ‘If Americans were still in Afghanistan after the deadline what will you do?’, and he laughed in response.

“Joe Biden has demonstrated his complete incompetence in leading as Commander-in-Chief and Americans have now died as a result of this administration’s failure.”

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