Kilo, a two-year-old Aransas County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO) K-9, died unexpectedly Friday, May 1 after completing training for the day.

The German Shepherd’s handler, Investigator Stephen Nanny, said Kilo began work with the ACSO in August 2019, only eight months prior.

“Kilo died unexpectedly,” said Nanny. “We believe it was an undetected heart issue.”

Nanny has been with the ACSO since 2018, and began handling one of the ACSO’s two K-9s mid-2019. He has handled dogs since 2010.

Urso, the other ACSO K-9, was set to retire this year.

Now the ACSO faces the task of replacing two dogs that are invaluable when it comes to working drug cases.

“We’re trying to fill the hole,” said Nanny. “K-9s are so helpful. Their noses are extremely valuable when it comes to doing what we have to do.”

If one is interested in donating money for the replacement of the two K-9s, he or she can give to a GoFundMe account, which was created by Gillian Cox, the wife of the ACSO’s other K-9 handler, or make a tax-deductible donation to the 100 Club of Aransas County at

The 100 Club will give back to the ACSO those donations designated for the replacement of the two K-9s.

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