Prepping equipment for move

Volunteers, top photos, stepped forward to help the City of Rockport prepare the pieces of the Skate Park for moving to the new pad, bottom photo, at Memorial Park.

In preparation for moving the Skate Park from its current location at the Community Aquatic Center to a prepared pad site in Memorial Park, employees with the City of Rockport’s Parks Department encountered a major problem. The infrastructure for the equipment was disintegrating, due to its age and the outdoor elements.

“After 15 years of use and sitting out in our temperate environment, the metal and wooden framework was falling apart and required a massive rebuild to ensure the safety and functionality of the equipment,” said Parks & Leisure Services Director Rick Martinez. “Not only was this a setback to our initial timeline, we had to undertake unplanned work with a depleted staff, and still continue to stay on top of the regular work schedule.”

Fortunately, additional manpower emerged through the efforts of local residents Jimmy Wright Jr., Mike Bock, Leroy Galindo, Ryan Cortez and Jake Newberry, who volunteered to assist.

Wright contacted Martinez and asked if he and others could be of any help to speed up the process and complete the work. After meeting with Martinez at the current Skate Park site, Wright had more of an understanding as to why it has taken a while to complete the work. Wright then contacted some friends and co-workers, several of whom had welding experience and carpentry experience. They provided assistance and scheduled a workday to move the project along,

Having grown up in Rockport, Wright had a special affinity for the Skate Park having spent hours skateboarding in his youth. Now a father with children sharing the same interest, he was moved to provide them with the same experience, as well as wanting to assist the city, so that others with the same interest can get back to the Skate Park at its new location.

“If it weren’t for their help, we would have fallen further behind in our schedule to rebuild and relocate the Skate Park,” said Martinez. “Thankfully, it will be up and running in mid-March, or sooner.”

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